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I have read your blogs, and I can't help seeing all of my symptoms in them. I, too, went through test after test, and they were all normal. I finally found a good doctor who diagnosed me with Ampulla of vater-duodenal wall spasms. One of those 'rare' conditions that doesn't show up on standard tests. Might be worth checking out. I'm much better today than I was five months ago (I was bed-ridden). You can google the term and a couple of studies come up that you can read through and see if it fits. Or you can check out my blog about 'IBS or something else' to summarize. I'd hate to see you continue to suffer if that turns out to be what it is. Good luck!


Hey Jennifer: Thanks so much for your comment. I've been tested for so much f-ing stuff, I'm not sure if that was one of them. I will talk to my doctor about it.

So glad that you're feeling better. I'm at my wits' end. :(


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